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Register now and find thousands of potential jobs and candidates within a couple of minutes. Our application show jobs in your area. Employers, get candidates that live nearby! Studies have shown that commute time is one of the biggest factors in job determination. 

Using a user centred approach, we ensure our app is designed with the user in mind. This allows us to make it more efficient to find work and candidates. We automatize most of the work and facilitate the key information in a centralized way.


Fast and reliable

No more resume!

Our application removes the need to create a resume, simply apply for the job and chat with the employer


Find local jobs and candidates using your GPS location. Browse jobs near you!

Fit your schedule

Jobs will fit your schedule needs both from the employer side and candidates. Simply specify what you need!

AI Driven

Our solution will evolve to propose you the best match possible using artificial intelligence.


We are building the future of job finding

Candidate, let us build your dream application

Our philosophy is to build an application for the candidate first. We want you to be at the center of the experience and will build around your needs. The next months will be to carefully adjust the experience based on your inputs. Stay tuned for the multiple changes of the application as we gather your feedback!

Employers lets ease candidate finding!

Our main focus is to help candidates find the best jobs that suit their needs. To attract candidates it's essential that we are able to propose jobs that are in the area. Please download the application and put new jobs offering!


We've Come a Long Way

Our team work on this project for the past 2 years. We are dedicated and want to change job hunting!

We are convinced that a mobile application can ease lots of things. Just like dating, job matching should be fun and engaging for both the candidate and the employer. Help us build the best experience out there by participating to our beta programs and give us your feedback!


What People are Saying

We just launched but already we received positive feedback!

“Wow, I find it very cool to see jobs around my college!”

“We are thrilled to use Hookalo to find good candidates!

“I will give it a try for sure!”

Random student interogated

HR Dir. of a big chain of restaurants

A coffee shop owner


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